JavaScript is the most popular web scripting language, used for both client-side and server-side development. Supporting object-oriented programming abilities, the JavaScript code can be inserted into HTML pages that can be understood and executed by web browsers.

Explanation of Scope in JavaScript.

Scope in JavaScript defines accessibility of variables, objects and functions.

There are two…


React (sometimes called React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building a fast and interactive user interface. It was originated at Facebook in 2011 and allows developers to create sizeable web applications or complex UIs by integrating a small and isolated snippet of code.

In some quarters, React is…


Consuming APIs is every day’s meal in JavaScript, this also has its limitations, amount of requests per second is the most common, in this case, we are going to implement an algorithm to cache data based on time. Let’s say we are sure that the data we are going to…


ES6 introduced this method to determine whether the specified sub-string exists in given String. It matches the String case-sensitively.

The syntax of the includes() method is: str.includes(searchString, position)

var str = “medium blog.”;
var n = str.includes(“blog”);
console.log(n) // the output is ‘true’


the replace() will only replace…

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